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Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!


We wish you a peaceful, happy Christmas filled with the scent of the Christmas tree, fruits and home-made delicacies. May the magic period last long!

Chrcynno-Palace Stud


Dear Readers! If you think that what you show to small child will not affect his future life, you're wrong! From early childhood I remembered a picture of a horse in the country. Though the way seems long and the relation slight, the dreams, goals and plans were born thanks to that, with Chrcynno Stud being the crowning of it all.

More detailed information from the ARABY nr 12 (4/2008) you will find here.

Championnat du Monde du Cheval Arabe 2008


Psyche Victoria is "TOP TEN JUNIOR FEMALE" - World Championship Paris 2008! She was also "Top Ten" last year. 

Championnat du Monde du Cheval Arabe 2008


Psyche Victoria was fourth in class Junior Female B during World Championship in Paris.

More photos!


See new Galleries: Katarzyna Dolinska, Zbigniew Kotowski (Open House 2008), Monika Luft, Tomasz MarkowskiTadeusz Parcej. There are new photos also in old Galleries!

"Horses born in the Palace"


Chrcynno-Palace is the stud located in one of the most amazing places one could ever imagine for establishing a farm. History of the place tracks back to the romantic times of XIXth century when the palace was built by the founder – Jozef Kozminski. With it’s refined, detailed but elegant shapes the building is considered to be the pearl of neogothic secular architecture nowadays – one of three of that kind in Mazovia region of Poland.

More detailed information you will find here.

For sale


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Polish bred horses on Balearic Islands as well


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Good ? or not so...? All Nations Cup summary


Read the article on "Good - or not so...? All Nations Cup summary" by Alicja Poszepczyńska.

Chrcynno Pałac