News 2009


We wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!



The photo galleries were updated. We especially recommend the galleries of Edyta Trojańska-Koch and Erwin Escher.

Championnat du Monde du Cheval Arabe 2009


Psyche Kreuza is World "TOP TEN JUNIOR FEMALE".

Championnat du Monde du Cheval Arabe 2009


Psyche Kreuza was fourth in class junior female with 454 points. Psyche Victoria had 451,5 points, Chaos Persefona - 446,5 pkt.

Calendars 2010


The photos by Edyta Trojańska-Koch of our horses GALAHAD and CHAOS PERSEFONA are printed in two beautiful calendars 2010: "KONIE" and "Portrety Koni".

European Championship


Our horses had the best results of polish fillies in Verona:

- Psyche Kreuza - 2 in class of yearling fillies,

- Chaos Persefona - 7 in class of two years old fillies,

- Psyche Victoria - 1 in class of three years old fillies.



Congratulations to new owners of Panakeja - Nordlys Araber from Norway! We wish you many breeding successes with this mare.



See with the photos of our horses of Monika Ziola authorship.

All Nations Cup 2009


We would like to calm down all fans: Psyche Kreuza, Chaos Persefona and Psyche Victoria are healthy and they are in good form.  

The director of All Nations Cup 2009 and DC vets supposed our horses had a virus on the basis of temperature measurement on Friday evening before the show, although they did not make any other examinations. They decided that the temperature of one of our fillies 38,57 degrees Celsius might be a reason to exclude all three our horses from the show. That is why they could not participate in All Nations Cup on Saturday and Sunday even though they felt well and their temperatures were normal.

We would like to say thank you for your care and support to all sympathizers of our horses!




There are new videos on pages of: Psyche Kreuza, Chaos Persefona and Psyche Victoria.

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