News 2010



We congratulate Marie Wehrlen from Provida Arabians (France) on the purchase of a handsome stallion Chejron!

Calendars 2011


There is the photo of our stallion Echo Apollo in the calendar 2011 with the title "Konie w fotografii Urszuli Sawickiej".



There is the article "The Treasures of the Palace part II. The achievements of female E-line in Chrcynno-Palace Stud." by Alicja Poszepczyńska in Tutto Arabi Suppl. n6/2010 - December Edition - Special Paris.

Championnat du Monde du Cheval Arabe 2010


Psyche Kreuza has the title "TOP TEN JUNIOR FEMALE" World Championships 2010. She was also TOP TEN last year.

Championnat du Monde du Cheval Arabe 2010


Psyche Kreuza had third note from all showed fillies (born in 2009, 2008, 2007) at World Championships in Paris: 549 points (91,5). She was third in class Junior Femelle B.

Chaos Persefona had 540,5 points (90,1) in the same class.



See the new photos in the galleries of: Edyta Trojańska-Koch, Erwin Escher, Karol Rzeczycki, Aneta Wnętrzak and Johanna Ullstrom.

Jumping Competition


Echo Apollo had twice the very good result 0 penalty points in class 10 (60-70cm) at open Regional Jumping Competition in KJ "Aromer" Józefin. Galahad took part in class 11 LL (80cm) and also had a positive result of zero points once.

Jumping Competition


Echo Apollo and Galahad showed very well on open Regional Jumping Competition in KJ "Aromer" Józefin. Echo Apollo was shown in class 1 (50cm) and twice in class 2 (60/70cm), Galahad took part in class 2 and twice in competition 3 - LL level (80cm). They were shown by Sławomir Przybysz. All six starts were finished with positive result 0 penalty points.

European Championships 2010


Psyche Kreuza has the title EUROPEAN TOP FIVE FILLY!

European Championships 2010


Psyche Kreuza was second in class (91.7 points) of two years old fillies 3b, Chaos Persefona was fourth in class (91 points) of three years old fillies.

Chrcynno Pałac