News 2020

Merry Christmas Holidays!

Merry Christmas Holidays!



Congratulations to the new onwer of the mare Bystra!



See the updated photogalleries of our horses: Gaja Izyda, Gaja Laila, Chaos Andromeda, Psyche Teja and the gallery of photographer Patrycja Makowska!



See the new photo gallery: Psyche Apsara!

UAE National Championship 2020


The progeny of our horses have good results at UAE National Show:

- class 1B yearling fillies: 2nd place (91.42 points) - Bidayer Albadr - the daughter of Gaja Luna by Psyche Keret (both bred at our Stud),

- class 1C yearling fillies: 5th place (90.50 points) - Jameelat Albadr - the daughter of Gaja Lilit by Echo Adonis (both bred at our Stud),

- class 4C 4-6 years old mares: 5th place (91.17 points) - Seher Al Jamal - the daughter of Psyche Keret and Gaja Valentina (bough in utero),

- class 7A yearling colts: 3th place (91.75 points) - A.L.R. Tahady - the son of Psyche Kybele (bred at our Stud),

- class 7B yearling colts: 2nd place (91.08 points) - A.S. Aldharab - the son of Seher Al Jamal,

Congratulations to the owners!




We added new photos to the photogalleries: Chaos Andromeda, Gaja Hestia, Gaja Izyda, Gaja Laila.



We added a new photos to a photogalleries of horses: Echo Anastazja, Habibi B, Echo Asteria, Chaos Posejdon and Psyche Thor, and also to a photogallery of photographer Patrycja Makowska. We hope you will enjoy viewing the photos.

Polish National Show


The results of our horses at Polish National Show:

 - Psyche Keret - 2nd place in class 11 (7 years old and older stallions) with second note of all stallions at the show and Bronze Medal at Senior Stallions Championship

- Echo Anastazja - 3rd place in class 1A (yearling fillies)

- Psyche Kreuza - 2nd place in class 9 (11 years old and older mares) and Top Four ar Senior Mares Championship.

Arabian Horse Show Sopot


Our horse's results at ECAHO C Breeders show in Sopot:

- Echo Kasjopeja - 3rd in class 3A - Senior Female

- Psyche Aditi - 4th in class 3B - Senior Female

- Psyche Ull - 1st in class 6B - Senior Male and Bronze Medal at Male Championship

ECAHO Masters International Championship


Galahad (breeder: Chrcynno-Palace Stud) with Helena Jodie Byrne won Bronze Medal in class 60 Master Dressur M.Ch. (Dressage FEI Junior Individual) and was 5th in class 83 Master Traditional Arabian Riding M.Ch. at Masters International Championship in Austria.

Chrcynno Pałac