News 2021

Gaja Hera and Gaja Hestia

Gaja Hera and Gaja Hestia will be transported to their new Stud soon. Congratulations to their new owner!

Gaja Proxima and Echo Arsu

Congratulations to the new owner of young mares Gaja Proxima and Echo Arsu!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all friends of out Stud!

Chaos Uriel and Chaos Jupiter

Congratulations to the New Owner of stallions Chaos Uriel and Chaos Jupiter!

European Championship

Psyche Apsara won class 3A (yearling fillies) and Silver Medal in Yearling Fillies Championship at European Championship in Verona in Italy.

UAE National Championship

Congratulations to the owners of the horses for their results at National Championship in UAE:

- Bidayer Albadr out of Gaja Luna by Psyche Keret - 4th place in class 2A (2 years old fillies);

- Seher Al Jamal by Psyche Keret out of Gaja Valentina - 1st place in class 5 (7 - 9 years old mares) and Silver Medal Mare;

- A.L.R. Tahady out of Psyche Kybele - 2nd place in class 8B (2 years old colts) and Bronze Medal Colt.

These three horses have mares and stallion bred at our Stud in their pedigrees.

Chaos Posejdon

Congratulations on the purchase to the new owner of Chaos Posejdon!

Prague 2021 - Intercup

Psyche Apsara was fifth in class of yearling fillies 1A at international B show in Prague. She was also third in EuroCup yearling fillies class and she won Bronze Medal.

Polish National Show


Results of our horses at Polish National Show 2021:

- Psyche Apsara - 3rd in class 1A - yearling fillies and Top Four title,

- Echo Anastazja - 3rd in class 2A - two years old fillies,

- Chaos Nefretete - 4th in class 7A - mares 4-6 years old,

- Echo Aurora - 4th in class 9 - mares 10 years old and older,

- Psyche Ull - 2nd in class 11 - stallions 7 years old and older and Top Four title.

Endurance Kliczków


Congratulations to the owner of Psyche Amon (breeder: Chrcynno-Palace Stud)! He was 3rd over a distance of 120km at CEI 2* in Kliczków.

Chrcynno Pałac